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Beer Frisbee Rules

Playing Equipment: 1 frisbee, 4 empty beer bottles

# Of Players: 2, 4, or 6 in teams of 2.

The Setup: Take 2 bottles to either end of a 15m (15 paces will work) straight court. Stack the bottles one on top of the other (may take some practice but you will get the hang of it). There is a line drawn perpendicular to the length of the court at the position of the bottles called the 'plane of the bottles' or more simply the plane. You cannot cross this plane while throwing or catching the frisbee. The hog line is a variable beast, it is as far as you can stretch while keeping one foot behind the plane of the bottles. One player from each team stands at either end of the court and of course, all players must have a drink in their hand while playing. Play can be stopped for refills. Flip the frisbee to see which team starts first.

      Side 1                                               Side 2

               |                                        |
         A1    |               15 meters                |    A2
         B1    8----------------------------------------8    B2
         C1    |                                        |    C2
               |                                        |
             plane                                    plane

Object Of The Game: To make the other team drink 3 beer before they make you drink three beer.

Play: You alternate throwing the frisbee at the beer bottles. If team A wins the flip then they go first. Team B will throw second and third, and team A fourth - A1-B2-B1-A2. If you are playing with three teams, the shot sequence would go A1-B2-C1-C2-B1-A2. If you miss the bottles play goes on. If you hit the bottles the other team drinks the amount corresponding to the following Game Shot chart. The teammate of whomever knocked the bottles over must set the bottles back up (need something to do while the other team drinks).

Game Shots: (I [Spaceman] have witnessed all of these shots be made)
1/4 knock both bottles over
1/2 knock top bottle off, leave bottom bottle standing
3/4 just tick the bottles without knocking them over
1 knock bottom bottle out and get top bottle to stand on ground
1 1/4 knock top bottle off and have it stand back up on the ground
1 1/2 knock top bottle off, leave frisbee touching bottom bottle
1 3/4 knock bottles over and have the frisbee completely cover a bottle
2 frisbee still touching bottles with both bottles still standing
2 1/4 knock both bottles over and have the frisbee lay on top of bottle (no part of frisbee may touch the ground)
2 1/2 knock top bottle off and get it to stand touching the bottom bottle
2 3/4 knock bottles over and have one bottle lay on top of the frisbee (no part of bottle may touch the ground)
3 knock bottom bottle out, get top bottle to stand on frisbee - GAME!

Another important rule is that you cannot pre drink. Drinks are taken only when owed (this doesn't mean you can't drink sociably while the game is in progress). There are a few penalties to keep in mind:

Step across the plane while throwingthrow does not count
throw when either player does not have a drink in his/her handthrow does not count
break a bottledrink 1/4 beer
frisbee doesn't cross hog line drink 1/4 beer
knock over own bottles while throwingdrink 1/4 beer

Full Contact: If you find the regular game too easy you can always spice it up by making it full contact. This is a twist to the regular game, everything is the same except that once the frisbee is thrown and crosses the plane of the target bottles, the thrower's partner can try to redirect the frisbee into the bottles anyway possible (hands, feet, head, etc). The opposing team can do whatever they want to try to prevent this (tackle, lift, throw opposition). Remember the frisbee has to cross the plane of the target bottles before it can be redirected. Also remember, that if you knock down the bottles with your body whilst jostling, whoever knocked the bottles over has to pay the 1/4 beer penalty.

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