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Howdy all, welcome to the HH Slo-Pitch club website. Why HH you ask?

It all started back in 1991, I was working at an Esso in Saskatoon with a bunch of good guys. We worked together, partied together, then figured the next logical step was to play ball together. At least that was the logic in order for us to get out and have drinks a little more often. Thus the Hustlin' Hangovers came to be! The first few years, playing out of the Five and Dime league, consisted of having lots of guys to play, and having to go to the bar to find a few 'athletic looking' females to join us. (some of us even found wives that way ;-).

The team grew through the middle of the nineties both in number and in average weight - I suspect the amount of beer drank had something to do with both. Anyway, we were having so much fun that we kept getting more people wanting to join than people leaving! So, in 1996 we split into a second team and named them the Horny HounDawgs with both teams then playing in the Eastside Slo-Pitch league. We named the second team with two HH's so that our HH uniforms would work for either team - saved money on the uniforms so we could buy more ... you guessed it ... beer! One of the early highlights was the Hangovers playing the HounDawgs in the 'A' final in 1996 with the senior team (Hangovers) winning a tightly contested battle.

The HounDawgs then started playing in the Coachman Slo-Pitch league in 1998, while the Hangovers remained with the East Side League. In 1999 the Hangovers also joined the Coachman league where they have been league regular season champions for the last three years and playoff champions two of the last three years. Both HH teams are still going strong.

In 1998 we decided that we needed a reason to come to the Coachman to drink in the winter time. Therefore, the Hustlin' Hangover and Horny HounDawg dart teams were created!

Through all these years you may have seen us at the Budbowl parties, or down in Las Vegas as part of the Canadian Dart Team, or on the many diamonds around the province playing some 'pitch. You can check out pics from these events in the gallery.

So, if you see the two red HH's bobbing around the ball diamond sometime, come on over and buy us a beer... chances are you'll get two back. We've also been consistent to the idea of putting our nicknames on the back of jerseys so that you can call us by name when offering that beer!


p.s. in 1996 we also gained a Freak who has worked hard creating this website, I sure hope you all enjoy it.

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